Buying gifts for a fitness enthusiast can be quite a daunting task, especially because when someone that is into being fit and healthy wants something, they usually know exactly what they want. However, I have put together an array of 2018’s most favourable and popular fitness items for a fit girl (and maybe also hinting ;)) 


Resistance loops – Sportsmans Warehouse


These have to be the biggest ‘craze’ in the fitness industry at the moment, every second fitness video has them in it but theres a reason for that, because they WORK! I know they seem a bit pricey, but honestly any resistance loop set you purchase is going to be but its worth the buck. I own a set from this brand and I absolutely love incorporating the bands into my workouts, whether it be for some activation exercises or throughout the entire workout 

Fitbit Versa – TakeAlot


This is an ultimate spoil but a great investment too. I don’t personally have one of these myself (although it is on my Christmas list!) but I know many people who do and I have only heard great things. It is both android and apple compatible, it does the whole shebang from fitness tracking, monitoring your heart rate, counting your steps to telling you how many hours a night you are in a deep sleep, from the reviews I’ve heard – I definitely want one! 

Foam Roller – TakeAlot


Any extreme fitness enthusiast will know the importance of foam rolling, there are endless benefits and it can help relieve muscle pain. Definitely can’t go wrong with one of these! 

Skull Candy wireless earphones – TakeAlot


These are a game changer! I didn’t know I needed a pair of these until I got a pair one year. They’re just so effortless, you don’t have to get tangled in chords or figure out how you’re going to listen to music while doing certain exercises and the quality is so great! 

Yoga mat – Superbalist



This is a gym bag essential! I know some gyms have these but I always prefer taking my own and I also use it when I stretch at home or do workouts elsewhere. This one is great because its eco-friendly and does the job!


Sports Bra – Cotton On



Who doesn’t love a open back sports bra? The colours of this can go with almost anything and will pair so well with a cute top!

Jersey/Top – Cotton On



I’m definitely the type of girl who loves open backs and textured fabrics, this will go so effortlessly with many different workout outfits and seems perfect to warm up in!

Active core tights – Cotton On



I personally own a pair of these myself and honestly, they’re my favourite pair of workout pants. They pass the pants test and are super comfortable. Black is a colour that can be dressed with all colours and are perfect for indoor and outdoor workouts (you won’t see the dirt). 10/10 recommend! 

Reebok Prime runner sneakers – Superbalist



Im a firm believer in spending a bit more money on items that will last a lot longer and will protect your feet whether it be during running or a workout. These are the perfect dusty rose colour and really will go well with many colours. Definitely putting these on my Christmas list. LOVE! Also, whats great about Superbalist is that any order over R350.00 gets free delivery and if its your first purchase on their website, you get a whopping R250.00 off on orders over R600.00, bonus!

Small Metal water bottle – Cotton On


This is just cute. It goes perfectly with the theme of summer and fits well into a gym bag, definitely not an item that will get shoved into the back of the kitchen cupboard!

I hope some of these ideas have helped relieve some stress. If you are interested in purchasing any one of these, I have linked them. These are not affiliate links and I have not been asked to do this, with Christmas around the corner I thought it would be nice to give some ideas that can motivate someone for the new year ahead!