and Just like that it is the end of the decade and the start of a new one! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

What a ride 2019 was, full of ups and downs. It was by far the most challenging year of my university career yet and definitely a year where I grew and learned so much about who I am, who I want to be and where I want to go from here. 

I know what you may be thinking, “Jean, it’s literally a month and a half into the new year – you’re a bit late” and while that may be true, I also don’t think there is ever a time limit for setting yourself goals. Regardless of where you are in the year! If you feel it within you, go for it.

I have thought long and hard about my resolutions for this year. Usually I go into the new year with a clear mindset of what I want to achieve and how I plan on doing so, however this year it was a bit more different for some reason. I had not thought about it until mid January. I took some time to detox from the copious amounts of food I’ve eaten and to assess what my plan is for 2020 and I came up with some very distinct and clear resolutions that I am sure many of you will relate to as well. 

  • 1. Self-acceptance

This one is an important one for me. Over the past few months I have come to realise that I am too much of a critic of myself. Everything that I do or say, wear or eat, I am constantly criticizing myself and trying to find better ways to do what I am doing or wearing. Habits of a perfectionist unfortunately! 

I know being hard on yourself is good, it means you know you are capable and worthy of more but when it starts to control every single tiny action you do – I think it is time to cut yourself some slack and reevaluate! 

Hence why I want that to change this year, give myself a break, learn to love who I am whether that is a me who is 3 kgs heavier than usual or a me that ate well for a full week – it is time to be more self-accepting & I think the new decade is a great way to start that habit.

2. Not care about what other people think

I go through these phases where I don’t care about what other people thought about me, let them think what they want to think and then I have these phases where I care more than what I should and currently I am at the latter. 

I care too much about other people and their feelings to not worry about whether I may be posting something that will offend them or irritate them, and so for the past few years I have tried my very best to not do that. 

There have been so many things I have wanted to do with my blog and instagram page – things I know some people will love and some people will hate. But when I was thinking about it yesterday, I realised how silly it is that I am stopping myself from doing things I have thought about doing for years because of other people and yes, that comes along with self acceptance and confidence too, but if you are someone who cares a little too hard then you’ll understand! 

So my second resolution for 2020 (Alexa cue doin’ me by Mikey Mike) is to not wonder what other people are thinking and doing things for me! 

  • 3. Be more consistent with my blog and social media posts 

During the holidays it is easy for me to be consistent and make content I love, because I have the time. What I struggle with is when I don’t have the time my social medias and blog kind of take the backseat. In fact i’m sure I even said something similar to this in my resolutions post for 2019 so this one i’m carrying over! It is something that definitely needs to be worked on. 

So I am keeping myself accountable for two blog posts a month and during the holidays 3, something small but possible and if I find myself having the time to be able to do more than I can do that too. 

  • 4. Make it into honours 2021! 

This one is probably my biggest resolution yet. I am extremely lucky to be studying a degree I love and I am passionate about. I often hear stories where people are studying because they have to not because they want to so I feel very grateful that I found my niche so quickly but that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging!

This is my last year for my degree and then it is into honours for another year and I would be lying to you if I said that I haven’t been studying my butt off just to not get in. SO.. I am putting it into the universe now already, honours 2021 will be mine with much hard work and dedication, I know it is possible. 

  • 5. Become the best version of myself YET! 

2019 was more challenging mentally and my physical health suffered more than what I would have liked but it is okay because that’s last decades issue, not this one!! 2020 is all about positivity and self love. I want to become a better me both mentally and physically while thriving in all the things I love.

That means exercising, drinking water, eating right, enjoying myself, giving myself breaks, spending time with people who make me feel whole and making this year the best one yet!!

I am trying to make my resolutions a lot more measurable this year, something that is often overlooked. I believe that someone is most likely to achieve more if their goals are realistic and less daunting! But, with that said. Don’t forget to dream big too!

My wish for you this year is that it brings you all the happiness, success and adventure you are seeking. It is a good year to have a good year so let’s make it happen! 

Let’s grow together <3