Becoming a HIIT FIT Stellies coach [Find out more about that here] has been one of the highlights of my year so far. I’ve learned and grown so much in such a short amount of time that I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned and come across with you!

Stay soft on the knees.

It is important always be conscious about how you land when you are doing a squat jump, tuck jump or any other type of explosive movement. You want to aim for and focus on executing a soft landing. This is because the harder you land, the more pressure you put on your knees and this type of shock cannot be absorbed accordingly to protect your joints. If you aren’t aware of what you are doing or how it can damage your joints, it can result in injury in which prevention is always better then cure.

Engage your core when doing a push up.

Push ups are difficult and easy to make errors in, when you are in a push up position whether it’s military style or with the knees bent you want to keep your whole body aligned. The same could be said for a plank – suck your stomach towards your spine, engage and tuck your tailbone in. If you feel your t-shirt slipping up, it generally means your bottom is too high!

If it burns, it means it’s working!

I always say to my girls that as long as they’re moving i’m happy. Don’t be ashamed to step it down a notch and switch to an alternative move, that’s why we have them. Sometimes slower is better and there isn’t much use performing an advanced version of an exercise if you don’t know how to execute the simpler version first. It’s you against you, so work on your weaknesses and you’ll reap the rewards!

Wear the right shoes.

This one may seem a bit absurd but is definitely valid. I injured my knee towards the end of last year because I pushed myself during a high intensity workout, floors were slippery and I had no grip on my shoes so it was basically a disaster waiting to happen. When you need to jump forwards, do sprints or anything that requires you to move to a new space, it’s so important to have shoes that support your ankles and have grip to avoid slipping or tweaking anything. If you don’t have shoes that have the best grip and don’t want to purchase a new pair – you can use a yoga mat as extra prevention from injury!

Ensure good form.

Lastly, remember that when you are doing a high intensity workout, it’s easy to let go of good form and so it is important to be mindful and conscious about the movements while performing them to ensure optimal performance while keeping your muscles and joints protected!