Going to gym for the first time alone can be a bit daunting and too much, I mean even I still feel a bit confused and all over the place and i’ve been going for a year or two but I like to remind myself that everyone is there to do the same thing; let off some steam, make some gains, get “swole” if you will. No one is judging you so don’t judge yourself! But for those days that you really don’t feel like facing the gym or being around people, here are some exercises that you can do to stay on top of your game!


A Lot of the time people think that the only way to stay fit and be active is to have a gym membership, which is not the case at all. Having a gym membership doesn’t automatically equal an active lifestyle. You determine that for yourself, not a building.


There are many ways that you can get the results you desire WITHOUT having a gym membership and sometimes (almost every time) it’s more enjoyable as well!


Doing this ‘Eight week journey to a better you’ has forced me to explore my surroundings and find other ways to keep my fitness up and exciting. At first I thought it was going to be a tedious task not doing my usual routine. But honestly, i’m kind of loving the addition/change and so is my body.


I’ve loved it because it has helped me balance my life a little more. I get to catch up with my girlfriends or go on a romantic walk with my boyfriend whilst still being active – it’s kind of a win, win situation!


Throughout this post i’ll be sharing favourite ways on how to have fun being active outside of the gym.



Hiking is an amazing way to get some fresh air, explore your city and go where you have never been. It improves your cardio-respiratory fitness, improves your mood and best of all, you get to spend quality time with those whom you love the most and create special memories.

I personally love it because within the first 5-10 minutes of hiking, my heart rate is already up, my thighs hurt and i’m already laughing unnecessarily with my friends and family. (Mostly laughing at my family for laughing at how unfit I am, but still laughing nonetheless!)

I would say hiking is my number 1 on my therapy session list! There’s just something about being outdoors and between the mountains or in the forests that immediately brightens the spirits.



I never saw myself swimming.. FOR FUN. Quite frankly i’m not a swimmer. I go as far as doggy paddle and that’s where it ends.

But honestly, I was quite amazed when I actually tried to make a conscious effort to swim properly. I was EXHAUSTED afterwards! My whole body was sore for a good few days after that.

Swimming is a great out door exercise because if you don’t have a lap pool near you, you can go to the swimming pool in your back garden or if that’s a no-go, there are lakes, rivers and of course the ocean! Just please, make sure wherever you swim it’s safe and always go with a friend!

It’s loads of fun and is a good way to alleviate some stress!



Now this is a goodie! I promise you, you could be able to run for miles on end and feel golden afterwards, as well as do hours of cardio in the gym but come and do steps, you will still suffer after the first or second set of stairs! They are KILLER.

I know I do, at least.

I absolutely love the stairs. Immediately increases your heart rate, burns fat like theres no tomorrow, tones the quads and the peach and it’s high impact (obviously).

Running up and walking down repeatedly can get a bit boring, I know. So the best thing to do is switch it up every second set or so. You can do jump squats and donkey kicks, walking lunges and so on.


This may seem like a bit of a boring one but honestly, if all I had around me was a beach, I wouldn’t mind walking for an hour everyday with my feet in the sand.

There’s something so pure and refreshing about walking on the side of the ocean line, letting the water touch your feet.

It shows you how big the world is and how small you and your problems are. Often, we as humans have a nasty habit of making our issues seem bigger than what they are at first. I find that walking along the beach or the promenade helps me with not only showing how small my issues are but it’s also a good place to find inspiration or even a good place for reflection.

It’s a fantastic way to set yourself up for the day. Let everything run through your mind slowly and freely. Nothing seems too overwhelming or complicated.



I know this sounds a bit odd but trust me on this one, you can create a killer circuit using a kiddies jungle gym. Anything from “box jumps” onto a bench, monkey bars or even tricep dips on a good old piece of wood (just mind out for the splinters) – it’s fun, it’s a different way to workout and it’s outside!

Photography / Ashley Tapsell

It’s a new week to create new goals and have a good time! I hope this motivates and encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and get out the house a little this week.

If you are interested in more ways to be active outside of gym, please be sure to leave a comment below to share with everyone or let me know on my latest Instagram post what you do to stay active outside of gym!


Lots of love, Jeanna x