I’ve been on this health and fitness journey for about 5 years now, i’m an avid believer in a healthy active lifestyle but that isn’t only going for a run or to the gym but also what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat it.

Growing up my family has always been very active and fairly healthy. We would eat steak and salads, roasted vegetables and roast chicken but with that said there are definitely many things that we could do to improve our eating habits in and around the kitchen.

I think that every person is subject to their own ‘diet’. I’ve tried many things to see what works for my body and what doesn’t, what leaves me fuller for longer and what makes me feel fatigued really quickly – i’ve been vegetarian, i’ve been paleo, i’ve been ‘eat whatever you want and hope for the best’ but over the years i’ve really got the hang of what I love to eat and what fuels me the right way. Nowadays I’d say i’m more of a paleo based eater – I don’t eat many grains, however I do enjoy the odd rice bowl here and there. I don’t have lactose, although I am not lactose intolerant I find that having milk or yoghurt makes me extremely nauseous and so I prefer to steer clear of it.

After years of understanding my body and food I like to call myself an intuitive eater, I listen to my body and I give it what it needs whether that’s fruit, veggies, nuts, chicken or meat, smoothies – whatever else, even sometimes chocolate! You don’t have to eat how I eat but I hope it inspires you to find out more about what your body enjoys on your fitness journey!

I was home for 3 months on holiday before going back to uni and I think that was the most difficult part about eating healthy. My mum loves spoiling me and buying me my favourite chocolates and feeding me my favourite meals however, it’s also the easiest way to derail from the point of the healthy lifestyle. (It’s okay mom, still love you!)

I find that in my area there really is a shortage of farmers markets and places to get food other then the supermarkets so when I go, I definitely try to keep it as organic and as free range as possible (as much as the budget can allow ofcourse) but if you live near food markets that offer these then go for it! You’ll probably save a bunch too!

Free range chicken is usually my go-to source of protein, however lean beef mince as well as vegan burgers or pops from Fry’s do the job too and are always a staple in my freezer!

I would say healthy snacks are one of the easier ways to keep it healthy whether you are at home or not, I always like to make sure that i’m fully stocked on those so when I am feeling peckish and go to the fridge or pantry – there is always something good and wholesome for me to eat.

Snacks I enjoy are these multiseed chips, kelloggs bars, biltong, humus with cucumber and carrots – there are so many variations!

FIRST GROCERY TIP: Go shopping with a snack or some water, never on an empty stomach or else you’ll end up buying the whole shop and getting things you don’t really need! Trust me, I’ve been there!

SECOND TIP: I’ve learned that it’s best to stick to the parameters of the supermarket just because that’s usually where all the fresh produce is, the stuff in the middle can get a bit confusing and seem healthy when it’s not but there are a few things I do get from the middle but then I know there is a plan and a purpose, not just wandering around aimlessly.

THIRD TIP: Don’t fixate too much on labels. Although its important to understand what you are buying and are going to put into your body – I find that the more people fixate, the less enjoyable it comes. Start small and grow from there.

I’m a sucker for good tea, whole foods and fruit!

FOURTH TIP: Keep it sustainable. The way 2019 is going, it’s shameful to not try and reduce, reuse and recycle EVERYTHING. I would highly recommend keeping already used grocery bags / material bags in your boot so that when you go to the shops, you don’t have to purchase some more!

This grocery shop was a stock up of the big one I did last week. Other things I add to my list is Almond milk and Kombucha, which I find really helps with my digestive system / IBS, Gluten free choc chip cookies (guilty pleasure), Spinach – the darker the green, the better it is for you! I also add fruits such as banana’s, strawberries which are high in a antioxidants and grapes. Although I don’t eat it often, I buy the brown and wild rice for those days where im craving something hearty!

I like to mix my granola with some strawberry lactose free yoghurt and raw honey!

FIFTH TIP: Do your own grocery shopping. I always find that when I do the shopping, there is less chance of me buying things I shouldn’t be buying.

Getting healthy definitely is a personal thing, you have to make the decision and commit to it but once you get the knick of it, it’s so much more inviting and exciting!