In light of labour day, a public holiday in South Africa that is held in honor of working people. I thought it would be appropriate for you to ask yourself, why are you working on a day that’s ‘celebrated’ for you? Well, that’s for most of you at least.

Let me just say, kudos to you.

It’s always difficult to establish when enough is enough. To learn how to move on. Move on from shitty jobs, old friends, lovers and bad situations.

I’ve always been the sort of person to leave something that doesn’t add value to my life or who I am as a person. It sounds harsh, but I have to do what’s best for me and you have to do what’s best for you. I could be part of an organisation that pays me thousands every month but if it doesn’t add any sort of worth to my mental and physical well being, then I don’t see the point. You’ll only be fooling yourself if you keep pretending that maybe somewhere along the line, some sort of usefulness will come out of it.

I want to be rich, don’t get me wrong. But not rich like that. I want to be rich in knowledge and experience, memories and life lessons. I believe that the rest will then follow. To me, that’s what is most important; the moments you collect that you can’t put a number to, because they are just too priceless.

I recently left a job that I loved, not because the people were shitty or because I didn’t enjoy it but because it wasn’t adding any sort of benefit to me and who I want to become. Where I want to go is in the complete opposite direction to where they wanted to take me so I thought it was only fair to give that position to someone who wanted to end up on that path. However, I definitely didn’t leave empty handed. I took the knowledge, experience and lessons learned with me and most importantly I still have the lifelong friendships that were created along the way.

All too often I see and speak to people who feel stuck. Stuck in their job, in their current life, their relationships. I did and I do. We become so comfortable  in the little lives we have created for ourselves that we often forget that this is our only life to do everything we have ever wanted to do. It’s too precious to sit at a 08:00 – 17:00 day job every single day and wish that you were out there doing something else instead of the same thing every single day just so you can accumulate enough days in your year to take leave for not even a fraction of what you worked.

If you feel trapped or are too afraid to do the unimaginable, just do it. Leave the job, the city, the relationship – if it’s adding nothing but frustration to you. No one could tell you why you shouldn’t leave and don’t let them!

“We grow fearless when we do the things we fear” – Robin Sharma

Sometimes you have to do things without the advice of other people so that you don’t get influenced by their decision on what YOU should do with YOUR life.

Remember, if you always go by what other people THINK you should do with your life – it will only affect you, not them, not both of you. Just you. They don’t have to live with the decisions they made for you, you do.

If you’re reading this and you feel a little bit guilty for being too comfortable with your life or where you currently are, that’s okay. We have all been there at one point or another and who’s to say that we won’t be there again in a few years. The great thing is, that you can always change it.

“Growth is the antidote of regret” – Robin Sharma

I urge you to go and live the life you want and not the life you need. I promise you will be a lot happier.

It’s time to get uncomfortable being comfortable.