This is JUST what we  need on a hot summer’s day like today. Somewhere between Clifton’s ice lollies and home – the best.

Last week I wanted to play around with the different fruit that I had at home to see if I could make some delicious but healthy summer coolies and I think I hit just the right spot. (If I don’t say so myself) I got the stamp of approval from mom and dad so I knew that if it were good enough for them, it would be good enough for you! 😉

Ideally you would want to make batches of these bad boys so you always have at hand for when you’re laying by the pool or reading a book in the hammock. It’s inexpensive and you more than likely already have some of the ingredients to make them, BONUS!

I have created 4 ice lolly recipes but of course you can tailor these to your taste buds.


  1. Watermelon and apples with mint.

Cut up watermelon and apple into small-ish pieces, blitz together and start filling the mould putting pieces of mint into it along the way until they are filled.

  1. Mango and pineapple with lime juice.

Juice 1 whole lime, mango and a few pineapple pieces then blitz and fill into moulds.

  1. Orange and pineapple slices.

Cut up and juice 1 whole orange and a few pineapple slices (depending on how pineapple-y you want them) blitz and fill into moulds.

  1. Water, strawberry slices and blueberries.

Slice up some strawberries and stick them into the moulds along with the blueberries and add the water into the moulds. It’s basically like having fruit in your water but frozen, delicious! You could add coconut water if you’d like an extra bit of tang but because I didn’t have any I just used water.

Freeze them and VOILA! You have delicious and healthy ice lollies ready made for those hot summer days or even for that sweet tooth.

As you can tell, these are super easy to make and are completely inexpensive. I even think the ice lolly moulds that I purchased were under R50 so that was a bargain too!

You can buy the moulds from your local plastic shop, they should have them there.

Tag me on Instagram, or Twitter if you recreate these or your own versions. I would love to see how creative you can get!

Stay cool,  stay sunblocked and stay hydrated!

Lots of love, Jeanna x