I think it’s safe to say that we are all guilty for talking ourselves out of going to the gym, a run or telling ourselves that it’s okay to eat that 6th brownie (yes, even me!).

But it’s also safe to say that those days are okay too, just in moderation and not every day!

In this Blog Post I will be sharing my secrets to getting my butt off the couch and onto the road or into the gym even when the only thing I feel like doing is sitting in front of the TV, eating ice cream, getting grumpy with myself for the fact that I am eating ice cream and not going to the gym. (Makes sense right!?)

The truth is, whether we go and exercise or not – time is still going to pass, you would have wished you started yesterday and you would have been closer to your goal then you are today. With that said, starting late is better than never starting.

Here are some helpful points that I use to help myself mentally and physically active and healthy, which I’m sure it will do the same for you! Whether it be getting yourself to the gym for the first time this year, going for a long run or even just beginning to eat a little bit healthier. It all counts in the long run.


#1 Setting yourself a realistic goal.

I found that when I would just wander around the house thinking about going to gym but not actually ever going to gym it was because I had no reason to go. Maybe subconsciously I did but I had never actually sat down and thought “Why do I want to go to gym? What do I want to achieve?”

Making a point of sitting down with a pen and paper and thinking about what you want to achieve and the amount of time you want to achieve it in helps a great deal and also motivates you to go and accomplish it. Writing something down on paper and then sticking it up somewhere in your house that you walk past often, whether it be your fridge (which is a good idea because it will help you make better decisions when reaching for a snack) or your wardrobe door it subconsciously reminds you that you have goals to achieve and a certain time to achieve it in.

Also, when writing something down on paper it becomes more real, more visual. Almost as if the goal is more realistic for yourself and doesn’t seem so impossible like it did in your head. Because we all have a way of making everything so much more complicated than it needs to be in our head, don’t we? Humans are weird.


#2 Be somebody nobody thought you could be.

When you try and live up to everyone else’s expectations of how you should be, you only really end up becoming more disappointed in yourself and then beat yourself up about it. You have to remember that no one else has to live with what goes inside of your brain, you have to live with you they don’t. Make sure it’s a happier place for yourself.

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, if you don’t have a healthy mind you won’t have a healthy body on the inside. Think of it as a balancing scale – try and keep everything balanced all the time and you will never be unhappy with what people think of you or what your results are.

Plus, we all love proving people wrong don’t we? Especially in positive ways.


#3 There is no shortcut.

Don’t get discouraged when you’ve been eating healthier and working out for a full few weeks and you are not seeing results.

It takes time to become a better, stronger version of yourself. Results take time, just because you can’t see anything happening on the outside doesn’t mean that it’s not happening at all – trust me, it is!

Consistency is key when you are trying to achieve something, this doesn’t just apply to exercise is applies to daily life! If you are inconsistent with what you are doing and aren’t sure why you aren’t seeing results whether it be in your job, workout routine or happiness – you won’t see results, and that’s not what you are trying to accomplish.


#4 Have discipline.

Now, I’m not saying stop living your life and cut everything out of it. No, that will just make you miserable. What I am saying is, have discipline when you don’t feel like doing something because that’s when you need to do it the most.

Do what needs to be done even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing!

You will thank yourself later.


#5 Getting your foot out the door.

The most difficult part of all of this is getting out of your routine and adding something new to it. It’s uncomfortable, feels weird and sometimes feels like a complete inconvenience but consider it a good inconvenience.

Before bed every night, lay your workout clothes out somewhere so when you wake up and see them, you remind yourself what you have to do and it makes it just that bit easier to get up and to get your foot out the door.

In the beginning of my journey to a healthier lifestyle the one thing that I really struggled with was getting there and I’m not talking about getting to my results, I’m talking about getting to gym or the beachfront to have my run.

Take it from someone who has been there, just do it! Once you’re at the destination the rest is easy and you will love it!


#6 Get yourself an accountability partner

9/10 times it’s more likely you won’t talk yourself out of going to gym because you know someone is already there waiting for you.

Having an accountability partner will not only help you gain more confidence and better relationships with people but it will also help you keep your commitment to your training.

So ask a friend to start this challenge with you, this way you can see each other grow and push each other when needed. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my accountability partner!

* With that said it’s good to remember that everyone suffers from challenges and the key is to not let that put you off. This lifestyle is a long term commitment so don’t let the short term difficulties discourage you. Create measurable goals for yourself so you can see yourself grow and succeed for the big and small efforts that you’ve put in.


Let me know in the comments below what you do to motivate yourself to get out and get active. I would love to know!


Chat to you soon!